Australia’s first Fund to exclusively focus on investing in Search Funds and Searcher led transactions
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WayFinder Capital Managers is Australia’s first Fund Manager of Search Funds.

We champion the aspirations of entrepreneurs who want to acquire a company. We source, invest in, and support that talent to grow value together in Australia’s Mid-Market sector.

We work with talented entrepreneurs who

These talented entrepreneurs are called “Searchers.”


The WayFinder Searcher Growth Fund In a Nutshell:

WayFinder Capital Managers is the first Australian Fund Manager to exclusively focus on Search Funds and Searcher led transactions.

But we are not the first in the world.

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The WayFinder Searcher Growth Fund

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(Pre-tax IRR of 20% (net) after:)

Unique in Australia

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WayFinder Capital Managers Pty Ltd  (ACN 645 959 128) is the holder of AFSL Number 533841.

A Search Fund is...

A financial vehicle and an entrepreneurial path undertaken by one or two individuals (the “Searchers”) who form an investment vehicle with a small group of aligned investors, some of whom become mentors, in order to search for, acquire, and lead a privately held company for the medium to long term.

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Our Ethos:

We're passionate about enabling the
Australian Search Fund ecosystem

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Introduced to one another by a mutual colleague in 2008, Lui and Ak began ‘trading notes’ on their combined experiences of helping clients with growth, mergers, acquisitions, MBOs and other forms of business transitions.

This led them to discover – and get passionate about – the Search Fund concept and investment asset class.  In 2018 they established Second Squared to officially introduce Search to the Australian market and accelerate the opportunity for growing a thriving Search community here.

The unexpected speed with which the community has grown has led them to establish WayFinder Capital in 2021 with Nima Sedaghat,  Australia’s leading practicing corporate lawyer and expert on Search Funds.

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