Nima Sedaghat

Nima is a Managing Director and Co-Founder of WayFinder. 

He has spent almost 15 years advising business owners, executives, Australian and foreign investors on business restructures, mergers, acquisitions, and investment transactions.

As both a lawyer and chartered accountant, Nima has been appointed to senior roles in professional service organisations such PwC and Deloitte, and law firms Minter Ellison and HWL Ebsworth (currently a Capital Partner and member of Management Advisory Committee).

Nima has been active in the Australian Search Fund ecosystem since 2017, having advised on structuring the first traditional funded Search Fund in Australia.  In this context, Nima is well known in the Australian search ecosystem and recognised as being the lead legal counsel and adviser on search funds in Australia.

Nima will be actively involved in the Fund Manager’s evaluation of Searchers and the structuring of potential acquisitions by WayFinder investees, as well as ongoing portfolio management.